Protect your online privacy

Our appliance is built on the foundation of the Intel Compute Stick CS525 Computer with Intel Core m5 vPro processor. See specifications here. Our hardened appliance will allow you to securely connect into your cloud desktop.

  • No logging of User Activity other than Usage: Your IP, your URL searches, your email is all private. We destroy your virtual PC at logout so we have absolutely no record of your activities to pass along to anyone even if we wanted to other than time online. As we allow BitCoin with anonymous signups, we may not even have identity information. (Please note, we DO NOT support illegal activities and would remove anyone we suspected of doing such activities).
  • Unblock Websites: Unblock Facebook! Browsing through DataClear Desktop allows you to bypass any network restrictions from your government, workplace or college.
  • Hide your Internet History: Each website address you've visit will be wiped as the DataClear Desktop Virtual PC is securely bit-by-bit destroyed every time you log off.
  • Hide your IP address: Your IP address is your personal fingerprint and hiding it behind our free web proxy will enable you to become anonymous.
  • Hide your Online Identity: Public networks can be very insecure. Hackers and sniffers could spy on your internet connection and see which websites you are visiting and may be able to intercept passwords from browsers cookies, especially on public WiFi hotspots.
  • Surf Safe: Our DataClear Proxy server blocks dangerous browser scripts that can harm your computer, tablet or phone. Our system monitors for viruses and Trojans, but because your PC is new at every log-in, even if you accidentally downloaded a suspicious code that we did not detect, it would be wiped at the next login.