DataClear Desktop

Protect your online privacy, your PC and your data all in one encrypted solution!

The secure Intel Compute Appliance that delivers a clean, anonymized virtual PC each and every time you connect!

DataClear Desktop

The DataClear Desktop™, built on the Intel® Compute Stick, is the only appliance that integrates a solution that moves your PC, browsing and data securely onto the cloud. Just connect the device into any HDMI compatible TV or monitor, sign up with our cloud service (and you are on with a secure, HDTV quality Windows computer.

The DataClear Desktop™ automatically connects you to our cloud to build you an on-demand and virus-free virtual PC each time you log in that wipes clean on logout, completely destroying the session when you disconnect. Our team of security experts work behind the scenes to protect your PC and data. This solution includes a custom encryption system with multiple factor authentication for storing your data.

This solution is great for privacy conscious individuals, companies, politicians, government workers and anyone who cherishes their privacy.

*PC: Windows 7. Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux soon to be available at check out.

Applications include:

An anonymous VPN browser (options include the popular TOR, FireFox & Chrome)

Automatic updates made by DataClear security professionals in the background at our secure cloud data center

24/7 virus and security monitoring tools that work in the background to protect your privacy and work